Ornik Welding and Installations

Ornik Welding and Installations

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Special welding and installation of pipelines.

Special welding and installation of pipelines.

Company Ornik Welding and Installations was founded in 2008 in Slovenske Konjice.
At first, the company had a relatively small number of employees. Our first worksites were at company FLENCO d.o.o in Ptuj and at company STEKA OY in Finland, where we also paved the path of our recognisability abroad.

The manufacture of pump stations and boiler components was one of our first projects.

Today, we employ more than 30 workers who specialise in welding and installation of pipelines, oil pipelines, and hot water pipelines, as well as in manufacture and installation of various structures.

Our welding staff can carry out various methods of welding on different materials.

Repairs, revisions, new construction, consulting, and supervision are also tasks we can perform.

We also do turnkey projects.

In case a larger number of manpower is needed than that available at our company, we can hire additional manpower from reliable partners in order to carry out a project.
Manufacture of various structures
Along with presenting the creation of our company Ornik Welding and Installations, we would like to show you in more detail what we do at our company on the subpage WELDING AND INSTALLATIONS. The subpage EXPERIENCED WELDERS will show you some of our successfully completed projects, in which we take most pride. PROFFESIONAL WELDERS is the next topic that we would like to present. Here, we have briefly described the types of personnel we employ, the types of welding our employees perform, and the testing we have performed. Subpage SUPPLY OF MATERIALS briefly presents the types of material we can supply for your project. Any and all questions you might have can be sent to us on subpage CONTACT.